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23 Januar, 201723

"SHARE SHIPPING EUROPE " - Teile und spare 50% deiner Versandkosten! Share and save 50% of your shipping costs!

  • Falls du also eine interessierte Freundin hast oder von einer anderen potentiellen Kundin in deiner Umgebung weißt, tut euch zusammen und teilt euch die Kosten beim Versand an eine Adresse! Zur Unterstützung werden wir auf unserer Webpage unter "Information/Share Shipping" eine Datei hinterlegen, wo wir nur eure Stadt/Postleitzahl hinterlegen, damit ihr euch hierüber über uns zusammen finden könnt. Bei Interesse sendet eure Daten bitte an Die Koordination eurer Bestellungen und des gemeinsamen Versands übernehmen selbstverständlich wir!


  • If you have a friend or if you know another potential customer near to your home interested to purchase one of our products, get together and share the transport costs by shipping to one address! To support you we will add under "Information/Share Shipping" a file on our webpage, where we will list only your hometown/zip code in order for you to get together. If you are interested we kindly ask you to send your data to We will of course take care of your order and the despatch of your shared shipping pallet!


  • Au cas où vous auriez une amie ou une cliente potentielle montrant le même intérêt que vous, n'hésitez pas à passer une commande à une même et seule adresse; ainsi vous économiserez les frais d'expédition. Pour plus d'informations, un fichier sous la rubrique: "Informations/ Share Shipping EUROPE" vous sera disponible sur notre page d'accueil. Ce fichier comportant uniquement votre ville et code postal vous facilitera la tâche. Si cela vous intéresse, envoyez-nous vos coordonnées à l'adresse Bien entendu, nous prendrons en charge la coordination de vos commandes et de vos expéditions communes. 


  • Nel caso tu avessi un’amica interessata o sei al corrente di un eventuale altro cliente nelle tue vicinanze, potete mettervi assieme e dividervi le spese di spedizione ad un unico indirizzo! Come supporto nella nostra pagine Web sotto “Informazione / Share Shipping” mettiamo a vostra disposizione una cartella, dove riportiamo soltanto la vostra città e numero di codice postale, nella quale attraverso noi potete trovarvi. Nel caso di interesse spediteci i vostri dati a Ci prenderemo naturalmente noi l’incarico di coordinare le vostre ordinazioni e la congiunta spedizione!


  • Si tu tienes una amiga o sabes una otra cliente con interes en tu alrededor, divida los costos para el envio a UNA direccion. En nuestra pagina del web en el parte "Information/Share Shipping" vamos poner un archivo de cuidades y codigos postales para que ustedes podáis encontrarlos. En este archivo nos solo notamos tu cuidad y el codigo postal. Si tienes interes solo envie tu data (ciudad, codigo postal) a Hacemos el contacto y la coordinacion y el envio por supuesto hacemos aqui nosotros!
19 Januar, 201719

The Workbox 2.0. The ultimate craft storage organizer! by dawn nicole


First things first, I was not paid to review The Workbox 2.0. The links are not affiliate links. I paid for it myself. I based my review on the fact that I paid more for this piece of furniture than I’ve paid for anything in my house!

First, check out a video I put together of my finished Workbox 2.0 and then I’ll tell you all about it.

Where Can I Buy One?

The Workbox is one of many amazing pieces from The Original Scrap. You can visit their website and see what countries they ship to here.

As we’re currently in Europe, I bought mine from the German retailer. They were fantastic to work with, and the shipping costs were reasonable. (Danke, Dajana!)

How Much Does it Cost?

Art + Lettering is my full-time job, so I looked at this as an investment in my creative business. But there’s no denying it does cost a lot of money! With the upgrades I picked (which I’ll tell you about later in the post), it was nearly 2000 Euro. Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out.

Was it hard to put together?

Ikea is to Duplos as The Workbox 2.0 is to Master Legos. We had 11 Boxes total. And we had to haul them up to my home studio on the third floor of our home. It was a massive project, and it’s definitely a two person job.

Four of our pieces in the first step had the sticker labels mixed up, so that caused some confusion at first. The written instructions are so-so, but they also did an instructional video, and that is excellent. We referred to that during the entire building process. (They give you a link to the video in the written instructions).

I highly recommend using both the video and written instructions, and be clear about what you’re doing in each step before you do it!

I also suggest having coffee and donuts while you work. We did!

I’m honestly really glad we only have to build this once…but the end result was so worth it!

How long did it take?

It was a full day project. We’re pretty skilled furniture builders, and the basic Workbox took a solid 4 hours. Adding the shelves was the hardest part. They clip in, and it’s a tight fit for some of them. I found it worked best to use an extra thin board as leverage to get them in more easily (as shown in the image below). I used the recommended shelf layout in the instructions. Once they’re all in, it’s a super stable setup!

What upgrades did you choose?

  • The acrylic paper shelves (with the colored paper in them). They did not come with installation instructions, and they weren’t as easy to put in as you might think. I couldn’t find any tutorials online. I was disappointed in this oversight. But I do love the shelves!
  • The Crown Molding on top (with a built-in light that’s awesomely bright). It has an on/off button on the cord for easy access.
  • The right door upgrade. I didn’t want just the black felt to velcro things on to. I honestly think that part looks a little cheap, so I wanted the wood piece and hooks.

Overall, I’m super happy with all my upgrades!

So after about 8 hours, it looked like this…including the upgrades I selected.

Once it was all assembled, it was time to organize…

I love how all the fabric box organizers allow for labels. But, the label inserts didn’t come with the Workbox 2.0. While the lack of labels is a small thing, when you pay that much for something, I’d have expected the paper inserts to label the boxes. I had to measure and cut them all by hand.

Here is a collage image of the sides and middle.

Did you totally fill it?

NO! I was able to consolidate so many of my random craft bins into this fantastic design, and I still have room for me (despite my serious art supply shopping problem)!

Does it take up a lot of space?

When folded up, not really! I read it weighs about 450 pounds, so the fact that it is on wheels is super handy.

Open, though, it’s pretty substantial in size, as you can see!

I don’t usually close mine all the way. I often just close the outer doors like this…

I love how the table folds down. My studio space doubles as my workout room, so this allows me to have space to move around during my workouts!

So, is it worth the money?

Absofreakinlutely! It is DREAMY, and I just love sitting at it to work! The design is incredibly smart, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I have my eye on their EZ View Desk next!

I see there is a newly released Workbox 3.0. How is it different?

I read the newest style is a bit easier to put together. It has a very slightly different layout inside and clear bins instead of the black fabric ones in mine. At first, I was pretty bummed that it came out right after I ordered mine…but now I think I prefer the black bins because not everything in my bins is pretty and worthy of being on display. I kind of like that it’s concealed and clean looking!

What does the rest of your studio look like?

A full reveal of the entire space is coming soon, so keep an eye for it out here on the blog. By reader request, it will include “Shop my Studio” details and links where applicable.

12 Januar, 201712

WorkBox 2.0 reduziert - WorkBox 2.0 discounted - WorkBox 2.0 con descuento - Workbox 2.0 aux prix reduits - WorkBox 2.0 a prezzi diminuiti

Die WorkBox 2.0 läuft demnächst aus da sie nun durch die neue WorkBox 3.0 ersetzt wird! Aus diesem Grund bieten wir euch die verbliebenen 2.0 Versionen zu einem reduzierten Preis an, solange der Vorrat reicht /// We will discontinue with the WorkBox 2.0 as she has now been replaced by the WorkBox 3.0! We are therefore offering you the remaining 2.0 versions in stock at a reduced price /// ¡La WorkBox 2.0 es sustituido por la WorkBox 3.0! Por eso ofrecemos las WorkBox 2.0 restadas ahora a precios reducidos /// Le WorkBox 2.0 est remplacé par le WorkBox 3.0! Pour cette raison, nous proposons le WorkBox 2.0 restés maintenant aux prix réduits /// Il WorkBox 2.0 è sostituito con il WorkBox 3.0! Perciò, offriamo il WorkBox 2.0 rimasto adesso per prezzi diminuiti!

10 Januar, 201710

Die neue WorkBox 3.0 - ab sofort bestellbar! The new WorkBox 3.0 - order now!

• Trommelwirbel! Es ist soweit!

Ab sofort ist die Weiterentwicklung unseres Bestsellers - die neue WorkBox 3.0 - auch für euch in Deutschland und Europa erhältlich!

• Mehr individuelle Staumöglichkeiten (bis zu 79 Einzelkörbe) • Verbesserte Mobilität (12 hochwertige Industrie-Rollen) • Durchsichtige HartplastikKörbe als besondere Variante (abwaschbar) • Noch mehr Stabilität (Lock Dowel System) • Deutlich schnellerer Aufbau (nur 2-3 Stunden) • Schau dir jetzt unsere neue WorkBox 3.0 an:

• Get ready! She has arrived!

As from now the upgrade of our bestseller - the new WorkBox 3.0 - is available for you in Germany and Europe!

• More individual storage space (upto 79 totes) • Improved mobility (12 high end caster wheels) • Clear plastic totes as new high end variant (washable) • More stability (Lock Dowel System) • Assembly in only 2-3 hours • Have a look now at the new WorkBox 3.0:

23 Dezember, 201623

Nueva tarifa de zona de codigo postal para Espana! Nova tarifa de zona de codigo postal para o Portugal!




¡Ahora hemos arreglado para nuestros fans españoles de "The Original ScrapBox" una tarifa de zonas incluido Islas Baleares y las Islas Canarias! ¡Nos consideráis por favor, en caso de que tenéis preguntas!

Agora fornecemos para os nossos torcedores portugueses da "The Original ScrapBox" uma tarifa de zona de codigo postal inclusive os Açores! Apele-nos por favor, se tiverem perguntas!

14 Dezember, 201614

Europa sucht die glänzenden Sterne ... Such mit und gewinne eine RibbonBox

Na? Wieviele glänzende Sterne haben wir in unserem WebShop versteckt?

How many shining stars have we hidden in our shop?

Combien d'étoiles brillant nous nous sommes cachés dans notre magasin?

Quante stelle lucenti abbiamo nascosto nel nostro negozio?

¿Cuántas estrellas brillantes que escondimos en nuestra tienda?

Hvor mange lysende stjerner, vi gemte i vores shop? ;) 

04 Dezember, 201604

Ist denn schon Weihnachten? TheOriginalScrapBoxGermany erfüllt Wünsche in ganz Europa!

Du träumst von einer WorkBox 2.0? Dann hast du am 6.12.2016 die einzigartige Möglichkeit deine TraumWorkBox 2.0 mit unserem NikolausRabatt von 10% auf die WorkBox 2.0 und LichtKrone zu erhalten. 

Dieses Angebot gilt nur am 6.12.2016 auf ALLE WorkBox 2.0 Konzeptmöbel und auf die WorkBox Lichtkronen. 

Wir wünschen dir einen kreativen Nikolaustag! 


You dream about a WorkBox 2.0? You can make your dream come true on the 6th Dec. 2016. You get 10% discount on ALL WorkBox 2.0 versions as well as the light crown! 

If you need a shipping rate, pls contact: 

Wishing all of you a happy and creative xmas time! 

25 Oktober, 201625

Deine ScrapBox kommt jetzt günstiger nach Benelux!

Wir haben unsere Versandtarife nach Holland, Belgien und Luxemburg überarbeitet und bringen dir deine Lieblings-ScrapBox jetzt günstiger zu allen Destinationen in Benelux! Siehe dir die Preise unter an oder wähle deinen Versandpreis anhand deiner Postleitzahl bei der Bezahlung im Shop!

14 Oktober, 201614


Mit unserer beliebten RibbonBox möchten wir uns ganz herzlich für die vielen lieben Mitglieder auf unserer Facebookseite bedanken.

We would like to say thank you for all the lovely members of our Facebookpage with our RibbonBox.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch / congratulations: SUSANNE DRINKUTH

- Damit dein kleines Würmchen zu Hause nicht mehr dein Bänder mopsen kann -

Schreibe uns bitte eine Email mit deiner Adresse, damit dich dein Geschenk bald erreicht. Pls send us an email with your

Viel Freude damit und schönes Wochenende wünscht das gesamte TheOriginalScrapBoxGermanyTeam

20 September, 201620

Neuer Versandtarif für die Tschechische Republik und die Slowakei!

Für unsere ScrapBox Freunde in der Tschechischen Republik und der Slowakei haben wir jetzt ebenfalls einen Flächentarif hinterlegt! Die Preise finder ihr unter Versand / Kosten und natürlich an der Kasse!