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Get the most out of your ScrapBox furniture!

Get the most out of your ScrapBox furniture!

Get the most out of your ScrapBox furniture!



Get Organized, Creatively!

Every craft room is different, just like every crafter. Never fear, our furniture and accessories can be customized to fit your needs. Here are some unique ways that ScrapBox crafters are getting organized!   

The ScrapMaBox Accessory 

Blyss Cookies uses the ScrapMaBox in a creative fashion to organize their stencils.   

Dawn Wade, from The Littlest Detail, utilizes TWO ScrapMaBox accessories for ultimate pen and marker storage!  

The Doors

Kimberly N. shared how she uses the white magnetic boards to organize her metal dies and add some decoration to her box.  

Thread connoisseur? Try out the spool holder accessory and make your box as pretty as this one! Photo from Melissa A.  

Holly Y. achieved additional shelf storage with the door upgrade kit

The ScrapMaBob Accessory 

Mandy Leahy loves the ScrapMaBob and Caddy for keeping her most-used tools close at hand. 



Another customer shares her WorkBox, complete with the ScrapMaBob accessory. 

Organized Inspiration  

Colette C. updated her WorkBox table using her Cricut cutting machine. Such a great idea for anyone who is measuring often! 

Erin Gardner transferred her sprinkles into small mason jars that fit perfectly in her notions totes! 


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